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Too Many Days Too Few Dollars

I sometimes work hard. I sometimes work soft. I sometimes think about working, and sometimes I don't. Let's learn more.

Its like you, but instead its me

A relocated Welshman, I can be best described as a square in a round hole. I wander around jamming myself into things. Most of these things are things that use electricity. I work in I.T. either fixing/breaking things in small to large networks. I fantasize about getting to all my coding projects. I break my own promises and decide to play video games all day. All this and a bottle of whiskey.


I have been in the I.T. industry professionally since 2012. Before then I sort of dabbled in it. I can remember it clearly, the first time I dabbled. It was 1997 and I got my first laptop. I rushed to the mailbox and picked up my AOL CD, slid it into the drive and almost instantly got a virus. It was a keylogger which allowed someone to get my password and log in as me into AOL and send awful spam emails. I would change my password, but didn't know at the time it didn't matter as someone would just watch me type my new password in. I then spent my life like the guy in Taken, using a set of skills to get revenge.

Gaming on the other hand was the other half. Like a stoned Jekyll and Hyde I would lazily transition from a dedicated fixer and solver of things into a anime worm avatar slithering through all the latest video games my bank account would allow me to play. From my first purchase of Final Fantasy on the NES to my latest purchase of Madden 24 I was and have continued to be hooked on an organized collection of lights telling me I did slightly better than last time. A nite-bright junky, a zombified ghoul on too little sleep, I would play my fair share of games from every genre. When I was at my limits I decided "why not code my own games" and been fixated on failing to code correctly ever since.

If you know me, you can catch me at work. Say hi, and don't be racist. If you don't know me you can find me on twitch where I build, I code, and I play.





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